Australia Wide Warehouse
and Distribution Solutions

With over 35 years’ experience, Packcentre will increase your operational efficiencies.

Packcentre provides a national warehousing and distribution solution that can be scaled and customised to your business requirements, utilising the latest warehouse management systems. Packcentre’s diverse range of clients and capabilities, allow for an agile and flexible environment.

Our accredited facilities allow Packcentre to deliver high quality in a secure and pristine environment.

Your valuable products and merchandise will be handled with the highest integrity, ensuring your inventory is stored and handled with the utmost care.

Label, Pick and Pack, Sortment of Goods

Packcentre’s team of experienced and reliable warehouse and picking staff ensure your merchandise is handled with extreme care, so they are delivered in perfect condition every time.

All of our picking by the pick and pack team is controlled through our IMPACT system. Orders are submitted and processed, producing a pick list giving the team the warehouse location, code and quantity. This methodical approach ensures all transactions are recorded and reported in Real Time through IMPACT.

Modern Bonded Warehousing – State of the Art

Packcentre today is a market leader and innovator, and one of the largest third-party operations with a national portfolio of bonded warehouse solutions, safeguarding your high value products.

The Packcentre service portfolio is extensive with a variety of storage options. We are confident our flexible premises can offer you a clear solution. Whether you require long or short term, secure, restricted or temperature-controlled facilities, our fast and reliable services mean we are continually reducing costs and maximising revenue for you and your clients.

Temperature and Climate Controlled Facilities

Packcentre offers many advantages when considering a temperature-controlled warehouse solution, for a wide spectrum of industries. Many industries need temperature-controlled facilities, our warehouses provide the ability to customise the environment depending on the requirements of the product and the customer.

Our climate-controlled facilities include inventory management and distribution, with solutions fully integrated to deliver high standards of quality service. Having all services located within Packcentre provides you with consolidation advantages in warehousing and distribution. With our temperature-controlled options your goods will always be stored, produced or manufactured to the highest quality.

Customised Warehousing – Pallet Management

Packcentre specialises in providing customised storage solutions for our customers. Dedicated warehouse space is available through our national network, supported by our technology IMPACT and our highly skilled workforce.

Customised warehousing provides the appropriate solution for your business, whether it be a bespoke warehouse requirement, a brand-specific delivery process, stock refill, or specialized order and delivery requirements. We will develop your scalable logistic solution. Customised warehousing comes with a number of operational benefits, with focused use of warehouse space allowing for accessible control of inward and outward inventory.

Real Time Stock Management

Packcentre provides you with Real – Time Inventory management system IMPACT. This enables your business to have a complete picture of what is occurring with your inventory, enabling your business to react to the demands of the supply chain operation.

Packcentre’s ability to accurately provide you with real time data metrics, inventory control, marketing or communications campaigns, allows for more immediate responses and assists businesses to make smarter decisions. Real time inventory control means your company can effectively order and re-order product, ensuring adequate stock levels and clearly communicated inventory requirements adhered to and maintained.