Contract Packing

For more than 35 years our privately-owned Australian company has provided excellent contract packing services for local, national and global clients. Packcentre are the experts in contract packing, understanding the value of providing and producing high quality products for all our clients. We accommodate a wide spectrum of industries and recognise that particular quality standards are required by different industries. Our proficiencies drive our capabilities, ensuring Packcentre meet all compliance regulations.

Packcentre’s equipment, machinery, process and facilities are all accredited at the highest standards, delivering results you can trust. Packcentre is the contract packing partner you choose to ensure your product is delivered on time and to specification. Our superior service and customer care are dedicated to building unique, effective and long-term partnerships.

Our solutions for your business are driven by supplying superior results, excellent value, and speed to market assurance.

Seasonal, Promotional and Sample Runs

Packcentre’s contract packing and assembly services include gift and promotional packing, labelling and relabelling works, product sortment, all ongoing seasonal, promotional and short run projects. With fast economical solutions, our extensive warehouse facility can securely store raw materials and finished goods, ready for direct delivery or distribution.

Global Brand Partners

Packcentre’s extensive partnerships with local, national and global customers are a testament to the long-term value Packcentre will contribute to your business, increasing cost efficiencies, processes and procedures with Innovation at the forefront.

Manual Pack and Automation Technologies

Parkcentre’s co-packing team are responsible for specialised packing, short run projects, mission critical projects, sample runs, ongoing and excess capacity supporting business at all levels. Our team is a scalable resource for companies looking to optimize their workflows.

Packcentre production lines are configurable to a majority on FMCG products within a short time frame. Optimizing our automation processing for repetitive tasks delivers significant advantages over manual labour alone. Packcentre’s blend of manual and automation allows us to optimise your packing requirements. Our high-quality standards ensure our people and machines are monitored continuously to ensure all quality controls are adhered to. Our customers enjoy the benefit of our team’s knowledge and experience on all customer projects. Our goal is to continuously implement improvements to drive efficiency and reduce costs.

Supply Chain Optimisation

Packcentres’ capabilities provide insights into optimising your supply chain, establish strategic decisions and build scenarios that give your business the insights to exceed expectations.

Packcentre’s agility and the ability to minimise cost and manage complexities are vital in meeting today’s supply chain demands. In a marketplace where change happens at an accelerated pace and client expectations are higher than ever, the quality and service levels required for businesses to be competitive has never been more challenging. Providing superior supply chain optimisation keeps our clients ahead of the game.

Rework, Repack, Relabel

Packcentre’s contract packing services ensure businesses can align their strategic goals, forward planning and budgetary parameters. Our specialised services mean your contract packing requirements are delivered to the highest standard. Year round, seasonal, peak production or promotional packing are all part of Packcentre’s product offering. Inspection of rework products, label creation, repack, relabel of products are all services Packcentre offers to support our clients. Packcentre’s ability to work with your business to shape a solution will provide your business with the competitive edge.

Sustainable Responsibility

Packcentre remain very conscious at all times of fostering its sustainable development commitments. This is generated from our activities with our customers, to limit the impact our operations may have on the environment, and to ensure Packcentre clients and employees benefit from these practises. Packcentre supports its clients that have the Packaging Covenant which is a voluntary code of conduct that is designed to limit the amount of wastage. Packcentre is extremely cognizant to ever improving our sustainable responsibility.

ISO/FSSC 22000 Compliance
Packaging Materials From Sustainable Resources
Latest Software For Optimised Efficient Operations
Investment In Technology And Equipment
Reuse And Reduced Waste Policy Across All Sectors