Packcentre’s creation PACKTRANS is a multi-level carrier logistics system which allows our freight management clients the ability to choose between the best carriers, to provide superior solutions and best customer experience.

Packtrans has direct access to a large number of carriers in Australia, our networking capabilities also allow Packtrans to arrange special transport to and from any destination Australia-wide. Packtrans reviews and implements transport arrangements that provide our customers with quality service, satisfying customer needs and giving both financial and service benefits.

B2B, B2C, Shed Network

Packtrans has best in class national Business to Business, Business to Consumer, Direct to Store and Direct to Shed network logistic services. Packtrans delivers a reliable and cost-effective freight solution. With our flexible approach our clients can utilise the most appropriate and effective service. Supported by our technology IMPACT, clients are able to track delivery status once it has left the Packcentre facility.

Centralised Expert Transport Management

Packtrans has developed a vast network of transport carriers. Our clients benefit from our centralised and agile approach to freight. With a dedicated customer service team, and a highly experienced freight management team, we have developed an enviable market reputation as being flexible and adaptable to all your freight needs, with cost minimising rates and excellent service.

Returns, Reverse Logistics

“Maximising value from your returns”

Often viewed as an inevitable cost of doing business, returns can be complicated and costly. With Packcentre’s efficiently managed process, your return operations can grow customer loyalty, strengthen your brands identity and enhance profitability for your business.

As an industry leading reverse logistics provider, Packcentre transforms the returns process from a necessary cost of doing business into a strategic advantage. Reverse logistics can often operate independently, but by working with Packcentre transport division, Packtrans, to create and implement an integrated strategy, you will optimise recovery potential. Packcentre’s holistic approach delivers a reliable return experience your client expects, minimising associated costs and resources.

Best in Class Transport

Packtrans offers customised, best fit logistics solutions for local, national and global clients. We place emphasis on safety, compliance assurance, people and leadership, operational excellence, customer engagement and sustainability. Packtrans, with its reputable carrier options, provides services to widespread geographical areas. Packtrans’ continuous benchmarking process is in place to identify avenues for improvement, both in price and service offered by carriers, to ensure Packtrans provides “Best in class” solutions.

Cost Effective Freight Rates

Packtrans customer centric development delivers lower freight costs for customers, with instant access to reputable carriers at reduced costs, every day. In doing so this provides waste reduction, cost efficiencies, revenue generation and sustainability to the industry. Packtrans’ understanding and management of freight and logistics costs are critical to enhancing business competitiveness.