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Real Time Updates

Packcentre’s inventory management system IMPACT is your “real time” inventory management solution. Using IMPACT, you can be sure every channel has accurate inventory numbers and order transaction quantities. Our IMPACT solution updates inventory and orders across all channels as transactions happen. Our customer expects IMPACT system to be up to date and accurate, providing this systematic process ensures our clients and Packcentre have confidence in inventory counts and stocktakes, and order quantities and delivery whereabouts, Real time date synchronisation across all business units means IMPACT provides our client with clear and precise inventory and order analysis.

In-depth Reporting Capabilities

IMPACT reporting capabilities are an important part of process automation. IMPACT provides you “Out of the box” reporting that spans real time, along with historical auditing and analytical information. This means your business can monitor processes, measure data metrics, ensure order and stock visibility and productivity and clearly see how efficiently each process and stock inventory product or item is performing.

In-depth reporting also allows Packcentre and our clients to identify any inefficiencies to reduce costs and increase revenue. IMPACT reporting additionally will highlight efficiencies to ensure business forecasting is accurate.

IMPACT reporting has the ability to provide information about the entire process including order management and stock inventory. Drilled down specifics about performance, location and results create even further efficiencies for our clients. IMPACT as a purpose-built system is a customisable and scalable platform accommodating for all business requirements.

Inventory Controls

IMPACT maintains high levels of inventory controls, reducing wastage and minimising storage creating to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. Our clients are provided with a “Real time” inventory management system, which increases visibility to all stock on hand. Being able to manage inventory stock at every step produces a reduction in overstocks and wastage. Packcentre’s “Just in Time” ordering inventory systems on an as needed basis means that your business does not hold any excess stock, and operates continuously on low inventory levels. Using this strategy minimises inventory carrying costs, increases efficiency and decreases waste.

Online Ordering Systems

As all businesses have different requirements, IMPACT can be customised to enhance operational capabilities and efficiencies. IMPACT provides Packcentre’s clients with the ability to monitor inventory levels, place online orders, set up automatic re-order triggers, track deliveries status and return stock. IMPACT delivers an end to end service, ensuring your supply chain performs at its optimum levels.

Merchandise Allocation

Packcentre continuously sets new benchmarks for the industry, implementing cost reduction programs, increasing efficiencies and building long term added value to our client partnerships. For our clients needing internal merchandiser support, our Packtrans systems provide logistical support and an in-house merchandise storage solution. Hand in hand with our customers, and by analysing business units and refining processes, we create a tailored solution for in-house storage POS material merchandise allocation.

Inventory Management

Packcentre’s inventory management system: IMPACT. Our IMPACT system is the fundamental tool to ensuring your POS materials, contract packing, freight management, warehouse and distribution business are all tracked and managed. IMPACT has a wide scope of applications, ensuring effective inventory management with the ability to meet anticipated demand increases as well as your order and re-order requirements, to achieve cost efficiencies. IMPACT can be scaled and customised to optimise and effectively manage all your inventory needs.

Sustainable Responsibility

Packcentre is very committed to meeting all its sustainable development targets. Packcentre supports its clients that have the Packaging Covenant, a voluntary code of conduct designed to limit wastage. Throughout all services to our customers, we strive to limit the impact our operations may have on the environment, and to ensure Packcentre clients and employees benefit from these practises. Packcentre is always cognisant of the need to meet our sustainable responsibility targets.