Integrated Order Management System

Packcentre provides our clients with a purpose-built inventory management system.

IMPACT integrates all of Packcentre’s systems and processes into one complete framework, enabling Packcentre to provide a customised and comprehensive system. This service platform is enhanced by our ability to track and trace orders, provide complete inventory traceability, and fulfilment services all in real time. Real time data delivers instant information, achieving efficiencies for all our clients.

Freight and Shed Management

Packcentre encompasses the technology, experience, human resources and knowledge to facilitate effective, efficient and expeditious co-ordination between carriers and our clients, to ensure goods are delivered on budget and on time. We provide complete solutions, whether it be managing your shed network, your orders arriving direct to store, warehouse or client, reverse logistics or cross docking, Packcentre will shape your solution.

Strategic Kitting Consolidation and Distribution

Packcentre has the resources and capabilities to provide you with an in-house kitting service. Your kitting project can be completed in a time effective manner, with our expert team delivering efficiencies at the highest level.

Packcentre regularly builds complex kits with multiple products. The kitting process takes multiple SKU’S and combines them in a package to create a new SKU. Our IMPACT system accurately manages your inventory, as we turn your products from units into kits.

Specialised Customer Service Team

Great customer service adds long term value and assists in building enduring relationships.

Our customer service teams work alongside you and your business to meet your needs, through the provision of high-quality support before, during and after every transaction. Our customer centric culture ensures our customer service teams create an ever improving customer experience.

Modern Bonded Warehousing

Packcentre today is a market leader and innovator, and one of the largest third-party operations with a national portfolio of bonded warehouse solutions, safeguarding your high value products.

The Packcentre service portfolio is extensive, with a variety of storage options. We are confident our flexible premises can offer you a clear solution. Whether you require long or short term, secure, restricted or temperature-controlled facilities, our fast and reliable services mean we are continually reducing costs and maximising revenue for you and your clients.

Inventory Management

Packcentre inventory management system IMPACT. Our IMPACT system is the fundamental component to ensuring you’re your POS materials, contract packing, freight management, warehouse and distribution business and its operational moving parts are all visible to you. IMPACT has a wide variation in scope meaning your inventory will be managed effectively, to be able to meet an anticipated increase in demand, order and re- order requirements and also a reduction in cost efficiencies. IMPACT can be scaled and customised so your inventory is utilised and optimised developing effectively managed strategies.


“Packcentre the Perfect Partner, the right choice”

Packcentre is committed to offering a better customer service. Our partners are one of our biggest competitive advantages, we will continue to invest in delivering opportunities for our partners to grow and thrive.

We will continue to build partnerships to ensure our services create value. Our services continue to be efficient, sustainable and profitable, focusing on providing better client outcomes and generating revenue growth.

We deliver productivity by simplifying your business.